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Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned.


Born of flowers and magic, Blodeuedd is tied to the handsome sun-god Lleu in an eternal marriage. Even when she meets a mortal man who shows her the meaning of true love, she remains faithful to her husband.


Then she discovers that not just her marriage but her entire life has been built on lies and secrets, that she was created solely to serve Lleu’s agenda.


Fighting not just for vengeance but for survival, Blodeuedd seeks  to protect herself and those she loves from the machinations of her husband and his family. The question is...can a mere vegetation goddess triumph against Lleu, the powerful Summer King?

A tale of myth and magic, Flowerface springs from ancient roots in the Welsh Mabinogian.

Out Now!


Flowerface ebook.jpg

Cover by Joolz and Jarling

The first of a triology, the story of Flowerface continues in the sequel, Owlfeather and concludes in Soulflight, out in 2023.

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