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An Heirs of Samandahl Novella


What price would you put on life?

Erich is a touch healer, both blessed and cursed with a rare psychic gift - the ability to transfer his own life force into others to heal them. Even though this gift gradually depletes his own life, he can’t stop, because the urge to heal is so strong it overrides his survival instincts. None with this gift reach the age of thirty, and Erich is twenty-eight. His time’s running out.

Calandra loves Erich and is desperate to save him. When a seer offers her a powerful crystal which might hold Erich’s salvation, she eagerly accepts. Like all seers, his vision is cryptic. Find the Knife of Truth, he tells her, but doesn’t say where, or how. 

Seeking answers, Calandra and Erich cross oceans and deserts in search of the Knife, and the magic at its heart. But magic always carries a cost. What will the knife demand?


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Knife of Truth.jpg

Cover by Miblart 

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