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An Heirs of Samandahl Novel

Unicorns - Bondmates and Lords of Battle

Prince Tangui’s calm, ordered life is falling apart. Not only has his hated sister returned from exile and stolen his throne, but he has to hunt and kill a rogue unicorn.

 Being a member of an elite warrior caste who are each bonded with the most impressive magical beast in all Avillon, the thought of killing one rips out his heart.  The only thing that reconciles him is the thought that maybe, just maybe, he can use the hunt to turn the people against his sister, and mount a rebellion to oust her.

To this end he recruits others who hate his sister—fae, humans and the beautiful, proud and lethal unicorns.

With the waging of war forbidden on Avillonian soil, his battle with his sister could put him at odds with the High King—unless he agrees to a perilous bargain.

Unicorn cover - VqWMYRxf.jpeg

Published April 2024

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