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Beware the Huntress of the Night

Vengeange is coming for immortal Blodeuedd and she needs to prepare. Already her home is ringed by impnetrable forests. No one can enter or leave unless they know the right spell. Birds patrol the skies, primed to give warning if the enemy approaches.

And the name of that enemy? Her estranged husband, Lleu, the Summer King. Free of the eagle form Blodeuedd trapped him in order to escape her marriage, Lleu plans to destroy everything she holds dear. He’s accompanied by the shapeshifter Gwydion, Blodeuedd’s creator and nemesis, who has his own special revenge planned.


Blodeuedd fights to escape being turned into a bird herself and save her friends. But can she protect her lover, The Winter King, from death at the hands of Summer’s Lord?


The sequel to Flowerface, Owlfeather springs from ancient roots in the Welsh Mabinogian and is intended for an adult audience. 

Owlfeather cover ebook.jpeg
Available 28 February 2023
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