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Magic Mirrors, Mystery and Murder


Think you know all the Snow White story? Think again.


Queen Grizel is the only one qualified to train her stepdaughter as a priestess so she can inherit the throne. When the princess goes missing, Grizel is determined to find her, but the king, as well as a group of mysterious dwarves, seem equally determined to stop her. Her only ally is Duncan, the leader of the king’s mercenaries, but even he distrusts her motives.


Grizel’s efforts to convince him that she means her stepdaughter no harm result in a new conflict –  she risks falling in love with Duncan.


Giving into love means losing power and Grizel likes being a queen. She'd like to have it all  – love, freedom and her title – but that may not be possible. Which will she lose? Which will she keep?

Book 1 of The Heirs of Samandahl

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