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"Never give a sword to a man who cannot dance."

Pavane for a Prince by Christiana Matthews: Blood and Betrayal

Blood & Betrayal cover.png



Blood and Betrayal, a Dark Fantasy anthology featuring sixteen deliciously dark stories by seven authors, including yours truly, is now available on Amazon!!

Dryads, wizards, flesh-eating sirens, bounty hunters, and more.


Lovers of grimdark won’t want to miss this!

Authors include:

✦ S. K. Sayari

✦ A. M. Dilsaver

✦ R. L. Davennor

✦ Aisling Wilder

✦ Jay Rose

✦ Ine Gausel

✦ Christiana Matthews



Poisoned apples, wicked curses, red cloaks and kickass women... Fractured Folktales has them all. Including:



A dark fable about tells of Mara, the princess of a conquered kingdom, who's horrified to learn that the man who killed her father plans to marry her to cement his claim. In desperation, she asks her faery godmother, Pippa, for help to kill him and set her free.  But a faery godmother’s primary duty is to grant her charge’s wishes, not conspire to murder!

So Pippa looks for an alternative solution, one her spoilt, wayward princess is really going to dislike.

Authors:    Jay Rose   ✦  R L Davenor   ✦  Epi Wildes   ✦  Des Fonoimoana  

✦  Christiana Matthews   ✦  Elora Burrell    ✦  Rebecca Clark  

✦  Ashlee Dilsaver   ✦  S M Mitchell  ✦  Lisette Marshall


As gentle and sweet and the ocean's lullaby can be, it's waters are dark, dangerous, and full of mystery...


Dive in and explore ten original stories by nine authors, centered around the ocean. You’ll find something for everyone, from benevolent mermaids to powerful leviatans; stolen secrets and forbidden stories.


Meet pirates and thieves, sea dragons, selkies, goddesses and gods in these tales of action, grief, romance, and mystery!


The Song Thieves – Eleanor Owen

Manannan’s Daughter – Christiana Matthews

Son of the Sea – Aisling Wilder

The Delivery – Barend Nieuwstraten III

The Storyteller – R. L. Davennor

Cost of the Crown – Ine Gausel

Heart of Amber – Kida Langås

One More Time – A. M. Dilsaver

The Calling – A. M. Dilsaver

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