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Book 2 of the Heirs of Samandahl

His gift brings life to others,

and death to himself.


Touch healers die young, always. Unless, like Cullen, they've been given magic to replace the life force expended in healing. But when Cullen betrays his healer's oath the magic sustaining him begins to unravel. Then he meets the faery prince, Tangui and a girl named Angiola, and things really get complicated!


Angi also hides a dangerous secret, one which impacts Cullen and his royal relatives and makes her a target for some very dangerous creatures. Together they sets out to find the magical knife which could solve both their problems. 

They’re not alone in their quest. An embittered, exiled faery also wants the  knife, and is prepared to destroy anyone who stands in her way. She has no compunction about killing Angi, but for Cullen she has other plans...

Scheduled for 2024



Spells, spinning wheels  - and a dragon! 
Some Faery Godmothers have all the fun. 


Godmother Troy sends Princess Aureya to sleep for a century to nullify a curse, leaving Troy with a tower full of comatose royalty and servants. Sounds easy enough, except for the constant battle against dust, mould, leaves, and spiders. She sweeps the webs away one day, and they’re back, thicker than ever, the next.

She looks to magic for a solution. Cleaning spells, protection spells, preservation spells – she can’t allow Aureya to wake up and find the clothes rotted from her back. The princess must look her best for her prince. 

Into this comes Troy’s brother Tangui of the pointed ears, green eyes and cutting wit. Intent on hunting a dragon, he plans to house it in the castle, because he doesn’t think the current inhabitants are likely to object. They might not, but Troy does. She doesn’t believe dragons are tameable, either, and she may well be right…

Scheduled for October 2024

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