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Come not between the dragon and his wrath.

The third and final volume in the Blodeuedd Trilogy.

Trickster * God of Poets

Lord of Chaos * Shapeshifter


Those are Gwydion's titles. He's proud to own them, but nobody truly understands what drives him. All he wanted was to raise his son Lleu in peace. Was that too much to ask?


Apparently, yes. For now the other gods have taken Lleu away from him, and his efforts to retrieve the Summer King are continually thwarted by two powerful goddesses and their acolytes.

Gwydion will do whatever it takes to get Lleu back, and his sister Arianrhod and Lleu's former wife, the beautiful Blodeuwedd, are equally determined to stop him. Among shapeshifting gods, witches and not-so-ordinary mortals any outcome is possible. Meddling in the affairs of gods always carries a cost...

Gwydion, in the persona of Blaise, is still a threat, and the memory of Lleu is an ever-present shadow.


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