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An Heirs of Samandahl Novel

Cullen’s a touch healer, able to transfer his life force to others and heal them. As a child, he’s sold into slavery in Kharmissa, a land where psychic gifts are the preserve of priests and forbidden to others. He manages to hide his abilities and escape the priests’ attention, until tragedy corrupts his gift and turns him into a killer. Lost and angry, he despairs of ever being made whole again.

Tad Corryn is a pirate turned legitimate sea trader who’s formed an uneasy alliance with a Kharmissan queen. This usually involves liberating treasure from other sea wolves or buying slaves for her, all easy jobs. But when, for reasons of her own, she sends him to rescue Cullen, the venture goes horribly wrong. Tad Corryn and Cullen must fight for their lives against ancient, evil magic. 

Can Tad Corryn overcome storms, sea monsters and other obstacles thrown at him by his employer’s dark rival, and restore Cullen’s gift? Or will it go rogue and force Cullen to kill again?

Available on Amazon
January 2024

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