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 Out September 2022

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Never give a sword to a man who cannot dance. Never trust your heart to a lass who cannot cry.

Prince Aubrey has everything. The heir to a small but wealthy principality, he enjoys the admiration of his subjects, close ties with his family and the love of the beautiful Lady Elayna. Until he falls victim to a woman of the fae, who seems intent on making him dance to the death. With or without a sword in his hand.

Elayna knows something is seriously wrong with her beloved, but try as she might she can't persuade him to confide his troubles to her. So one night she follows him out of the palace, through the forest, and... inside the faery hill. Can she release him from his enchantment, or will the faery dance claim them both?


was first published in the Zasra Press Anthology Blood and Betrayal in 2021

Out December 2022

On Amazon


The favour of gods always carries a price.

Dryad Mitera is nearing the end of her very long life, and looking for a replacement. She considers her offer a very good deal - sign up to serve her goddess in her stead, live for millennia and leave all human woes behind.


Unfortunately, humans seem reluctant to give up their puny lives, and their loves. When she meets Dimitri, an olive farmer whose failed crops have left him nearly bankrupt, Mitera thinks she's found the perfect candidate. But Dimitri's love for his family threatens to overwhelm his awe of the goddess, and he tries to renege on their bargain. Will any of them - Dimitri, his family, Mitera or her goddess - be able to live with the consequences?


was first published in the Zasra Press Anthology Blood and Betrayal in 2021

Out April/May 2023

On Amazon

Containing two short stories, both prequels to Flowerface


Tells the story of the breathtakingly beautiful mortal Goewin, who captures the heart of the otherworldly Math ap Mathonwy, King of Gwynedd.

Enter Gwydion, the Trickster God, whose efforts to bring his brother and  Goewin together anger Math, cause a war and shame and humiliate Goewin, who will never, ever, forgive him.


His sister Arianrhod, Goddess of the Moon and Stars also bears a grudge against Gwydion, because he stole her youngest son from her the day the boy was born.

In retaliation she issues three curses, which have repercussions lasting centuries...even to the present day.

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